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This is Mogsy's main PC Cheats page - to access a cheat just choose the letter that matches your game title from the A-Z list on the left, the cheats should cover just about every major game available, both old and new, if the game your stuck on isn't mentioned, click on the email icon at the foot of the page, and I will try and help you out!!

Please bear in mind that it is impossible for me to check all of the cheats, where possible I will mark the game cheats that I have tested with an ** on the right hand side of the title. That means I own the game, and have tested it.

Again, email me with your comments, if you want a particular cheat (e.g. for older games), or indeed if there are any cheats you have that you wish to be added to the list, or any corrections that need to be made. Remember a lot of these cheats require some knowledge of hex editing, so please make backups of save games/files as a precaution!! 

Also, in light of hundreds of emails sent - it is usually 99% impossible to cheat at multiplayer or online games, unless you are running the server on which the game resides and have cheats enabled [providing the game has the ability to run with this setting]. Some games can allow cheating, and this will be explored in the Game Hack page (registered users only).

I have many files for certain games which I have uploaded to the website. They are editors, trainers and general cheat programs, and they can be found with the relevant game title.  I have hundred's more files to go up, so please bear with me until all sections can be updated - I will be doing this as a live upgrade!.  Many thanks, once again for all the advice and help, so sit back, and prepare to enhance your gaming experience.

If it isn't here, chances are, I haven't received the cheat yet, OR it doesn't exist 

EMAIL ME to check if I have anything.

Cheat Updates

Game Over?   No Way!


XBTF - Hex Edit Cheat  

If sending Cheats please put CHEATS SUBMISSION
in the subject header....thanks.

Get in Touch!!!

Hi - I hoped you liked the page. If you have any comments as to how I could improve it, or new cheats/files/hints, please E-mail me.  You can use the form below to send me e-mail/reply.

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